In addition to divorce, Lori has developed a great deal of experience working with couples who are contemplating marriage, and wish to protect certain assets or property through the use of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. It may surprise people to know how many couples are executing these kinds of agreements, which can be very simple and straightforward or highly detailed depending on your circumstances.
At The Law Office of Lori Clark Viviano, we are proud to meet all of the family law needs of people in San Diego and the surrounding parts of California. With 25+ years of experience on our side, we have more than one family law attorney in San Diego who is prepared to handle everything from the most straightforward prenuptial agreement to the most complicated, high-asset divorce.Our lawyers recognize the pain and anger that can often influence decisions in these cases. While we respect the emotions, we take great care to make certain our clients understand the long-term ramifications of every decision made. We want you to know how the steps you take now will impact the future for you and your children and, ultimately, we want to guide you toward the steps that will set the stage for the brightest possible future.

Divorce And More

As family law attorneys, much of the work we do involves or is related to divorce. We handle divorce of all kinds, both contested and uncontested. We represent military personnel in divorce. We represent same-sex couples in divorce.

Divorce typically always has some level of complexity, simply because it combines so many emotional issues involving children and division of property. We handle all of these issues with the same commitment to protecting your rights and interests.

In addition to divorce, our lawyers also handle:

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