Many troubled marriages involve children. We are keenly aware of the emotional, physical, and financial effect that divorce has on children. Whenever parents are under stress you can be certain that your children feel stressed too. Breaking up a family and figuring out what to do about the children is usually the most difficult and emotional part of divorce. We have developed a strong network of child therapists and counselors to help our clients’ children if necessary.When you have made the decision to file for divorce, the best interests of your children are paramount. Structuring visitation agreements and agreeing on physical and legal custody can be among the most emotionally difficult aspects of a marital breakup. You have choices, but you need experienced family law attorneys to help you weigh your options and make the decisions that are in the best interests of you and your family.

What We Do

Our lawyers can help you understand the differences between physical and legal custody, and joint and sole custody. We can proactively address concerns you have, such as your ex-spouse relocating to another part of California or out of state. We can help you seek enforcement or modification of custody or visitation orders and work with same-sex couples who have custody and visitation issues.

In our experience, the determination of custody and visitation can be based on a variety of factors, including the age of the children; their educational and health needs; access to friends, family and school; and the distance between the parents’ homes. We will work closely with you to create visitation plans that meet your needs and are in the best interests of your children. We can also work with you to ensure that your interstate visitation agreements are enforceable, should your spouse move out of state.At The Law Office of Lori Clark Viviano, we offer aggressive, compassionate and experienced representation to men and women in all divorce and family law matters, including visitation, child custody and child support disputes. Call us at (619) 817-8691 or (866) 567-3520 (Toll Free) or contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. Mention our website when you call to receive a discounted rate on your first meeting.

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