“On my ex-partners request, I had been trying to have my Divorce mediated by our “collaborative” lawyers (dissolving a 20 year marriage with 2 teenage kids). It took me five years to realize that my ex had absolutely no desire to actually sign any mediated divorce, period. Finally, in late 2015, I went interviewing for a new lawyer. Out of four, I picked Lori, the only one who saw the issue at hand, and stated that she could use all the work already performed by the previous lawyers, no need to start things over again. The three others all wanted to start at zero again (I had already spent $75K in the first round). Lori was outcome-focused with a fantastic staff to take care of the finance math, custody items, etc. She expedited court appearances to put pressure on the other party, and went right for the issue: the ex not wanting to sign anything, ever. The judge agreed with Lori’s analysis of the issue in this case, and Lori got it done!” – Anonymous

“If you are stuck in mediation not moving anywhere, you need someone to push the case through. Lori is your lawyer! She and her staff are great communicators, so they shall listen and look at the key items that need moving. Communicate and be proactive with information sharing, and I am confident she will be as effective in your case as well!” – Mr. Z

“My new life is wonderful and I am happy. I am on my way to self-actualization. We have been together for a solid year now, the kids are going incredible well, and the ex and I get along better now than when we were married. Thank you again for all of your support this year. I can’t believe it went so smoothly, so quickly. I wish everyone who divorced could be so happy about it!Happy New Year!” – Happy Client

“Just wanted to drop you a note and some pictures of my daughter’s first day in kindergarten. She’s doing great.  She’s smart and happy and enjoys life to it’s fullest. She has lots of friends and everyone that meets her is amazed at how well spoken she is. She’s taking karate classes and has achieved an orange belt. She’s excited about testing for her purple belt next. Her teachers love her and tell me she’s a wonderful child with wonderful eagerness to learn — something I already knew (grin). We haven’t heard from her mom in more than a year. She never did schedule any visits, which is fine by me.  My daughter is a lot more talkative about those times at her mom’s and sadly I think the impression set will be with her for many years. I let her talk it out and hug her and re-assure her that she is loved and that she will never have to stand alone against anything that makes her feel afraid.  I wanted to thank you again and to let you know that not a day has gone by when I don’t thank God for all the hard work you and your staff did in order to get us through a difficult time in our lives. I know you have to deal with many sad situations in your work, so I wanted to let you see the smiling face of a little girl which you helped give a voice so that she could be heard by the Family Court system.”   Thank you, A Grateful Client

Gail Matsushima

– Gail Matsushima

“DIVORCE? “It can’t happen to me, I’ve failed”, as I’m the only one in my tight knit family (Japanese American) to go through a divorce. BIG shame.

“Dissolution of Marriage” can often be a very sad, exhausting and distracting process. Things like my soon- to-be ex’s allegation of Elder Abuse and a request for a Temporary Restraining Order “made my head spin”, but I was prepared for it. Justice prevailed, the judge read all of the paperwork; and all allegations were “discharged.” Why? Because my Attorney Lori Clark-Viviano helped me understand that LAW= Logic and none of the Petitioner’s allegations were logical, provable or supportable by evidence.

Once you go through all of the heavy emotional “stuff” you realize it can be played a bit like a game so you have to “get your game face on”, get focused, get all of your ducks in a row and get to work. Sure, that’s what you hire an attorney for, but you still have to do your share of the “discovery” and paperwork. If I hadn’t gotten all of my supporting documents in order I could’ve lost my insurance license, which is my livelihood. Also, if you’ve been married long enough you know your Ex better than your attorney, so you need to capitalize on that.

It’s been 9 months and I’ve only recently come to realize that my marriage (of 15 years and 9 months) will be officially and legally “dissolved”. I now share that information when acquaintances ask me about him. They usually offer me their condolences and I reply with a big smile, “thank you, but it’s actually a good thing!” The replies then turn into congratulations.

That said, I’m finally approaching the Goal Line. It’s first and goal and I’m physically and mentally so much healthier than I was in the beginning of the “process”. I know that it sounds cliché, but it’s true. Every day is so much clearer and brighter for me and everybody around me. My smile is bigger and brighter; I feel so relieved. My friends and family sense it, reciprocate with smiles of their own, happy to see the “real me” re-emerging. I can now focus on the important things in life: family, friends and work. I can’t thank my family, friends and clients enough for their support. This “process” has made me a much stronger person is so many ways.

Divorce is NOT the end, but the beginning of a whole new life, and having a great attorney is all part of it. That’s why I called Lori. She was a client of mine and I knew, I just knew that she along with her staff could get the job done, DONE DEAL!

Sure, it can be expensive, but it’s SO worth it! It’s your life, and a small fee to pay to get it back. Pay the fees and move on! Keep focused on the future, look forward and cross the Goal Line. Score, TOUCHDOWN — you just gain ed your EMANCIPATION and the ticket to a new and exciting life!

GAME OVER, time to go surfing!

NO shame here. I’m stoked. I’m officially divorced, I AM A DIVORCEE and proud of it!

“Late” Pet!