When facing divorce or another contentious family law issue, mediation is a better alternative to litigation when you are concerned with the time and cost associated with family law litigation, as well as the potentially devastating affect litigation may have on your family.

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Our mediation attorneys will work closely with you to help you identify your goals in resolving your divorce and other family law concerns to help you identify whether mediation or litigation will best meet your needs. Regardless of whether you choose mediation or litigation, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf to protect your rights and interests.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between mediation and litigation is the cost. It is not uncommon for the costs of litigation to be 10 times that of mediation.

Further, in contrast to litigation, which involves courtroom hearings, mediation is facilitated by a neutral mediator. The mediator works with the parties to reach a resolution that benefits both parties and takes emotional, nonlegal interests into account. In litigation, a decision based on the applicable law will be levied by a family court judge. Notably, an agreement reached between two parties is much more likely to be complied with, reducing the likelihood of court intervention to enforce child support and spousal support agreements.

Mediation can be especially beneficial if you have children, as the mediation process is confidential and much less formal and adversarial than courtroom proceedings.

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