For many people, mediation is a better alternative to litigation because it provides the parties with control over resolution of divorce and family law problems. The mediation process is also much more relaxed than court proceedings.

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Mediation is facilitated by a neutral third party; the mediator. Every family law mediation is unique depending on the individual circumstances of each case. Generally, however, the mediation process begins with an initial meeting attended by both parties with the purpose of discussing each party’s goals. The parties will also review and sign an agreement to mediate in good faith. The mediator may also ask that certain items relevant to the disputes are brought to the next meeting.

In the meetings that follow, the parties will discuss the issues involved and attempt to reach agreement on each issue. The parties and their attorneys may meet together with the mediator, but in some cases may meet individually, with each party and his or her attorney in a different room and the mediator shuttling in between.

The mediator will take detailed notes of the agreements reached throughout the mediation and draft a settlement agreement. Each party is advised to review and discuss the agreement with his or her attorney. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, it is sent to the court. Once approved, the matter is closed.

It is possible to reach a mediated agreement on some issues, but not others. In such cases, a mediated agreement can be concluded for the resolved issues, leaving only those that remain in dispute to be argued in family court.

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