Factors that influence divorce issues

While married couples in San Diego County can feel somewhat positive about their state’s rating from WPBF.com as being number forty-four for the divorce rate in the United States. According to the report, fewer than 10 percent of California residents are divorced. The two states with the lowest divorce rates are New Jersey and New York with 8.5 percent of the population being divorced. Other states were found to have rate several percent points above California’s.

How age can impact divorce

Divorce can touch every aspect of a person’s life. Those aspects naturally change based upon the stage of life that people are in when they get divorced. For example, couples with small children can find themselves consumed with issues pertaining to child custody and visitation plans.

Concerns about how the division of marital debts and assets should be handled can also be different at different ages. As retirement nears, divorcing spouses can be very interested in how they can best protect their retirement assets. The Huffington Post points out, however, that it is worth a close look at each retirement account and other assets to ensure that the best choice is made during this difficult time. Some accounts that are funded with post-tax dollars may be a better option to retain than those funded with pre-tax dollars.

How the economy can impact divorce

The financial facets of divorce can seem unending. It has long been discussed how financial challenges can put a heavy strain on a marriage. This has led to a general belief that difficult financial times can be a contributing factor to divorce. A University of Maryland sociologist points out, however, that the divorce rate in the United States during the most recent global recession actually dropped.

As a result of this drop, many professionals began to revise their thoughts and suggested instead that the recession had a positive impact on marriages, helping people to band together when times were tough rather than pulling them apart.

The sociologist has a different view. Based on the rising divorce rate from 2008 on, the theory is that the drop in divorce rate for a few years was due to couples’ inability to afford to get divorced. Once their financial pictures improved enough, the divorces took place. The scientist’s assertion is that as many as 150,000 divorces were essentially postponed, not avoided.

Help for divorcing couples

Regardless of the age or economic situation at the time, any couple in San Diego who is getting divorced should always seek legal input. Help from a professional can be important during such a difficult time.