DIVORCED, Now what about my health insurance?

So your divorce is now finalized, now what do I do about MY health insurance, what are my options?

Obtaining coverage YOURSELF, now that you’ll be dropped as your former spouse’s dependent:

Getting divorced is considered a Qualifying Event for Health Insurance, so you can sign up for a health insurance plan at any time within the first 60 days after your divorce is finalized. Now that there is NO medical underwriting, it’s just a matter of selecting the plan with a provider network and benefits that best match your needs.

Here are your options:

1) You may enroll into a plan via the Covered CA marketplace. You’d enroll into a plan via the Covered CA marketplace should you qualify for a premium subsidy

2) You may enroll into an individual plan outside of the “exchange”; that is, you enroll directly with the insurance carrier via the assistance of a licensed health insurance broker. You’d opt for this should your income be above the to qualify for government assistance.

3) If you’re employed, you may enroll into your employer’s sponsored health plan as getting divorced is considered a “qualifying event”.

4) COBRA Health Insurance is the Federal Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act. Under the law, group plans offered by employers with at least 20 workers must allow the ex-spouse of a covered employee to continue health coverage. However, the employer doesn’t have to subsidize any of the cost and COBRA can be VERY expensive and is always temporary.

Please feel free to contact Gail K. Matsushima License #0B34487 for a free, no obligation proposal and also to answer your specific questions and concerns. Gail has been licensed since 1994 and is a Certified Insurance Agent for Covered CA. Gail may be contacted at 619-508-3474 and/or email at gailross3474@yahoo.com. Thank you!