Living alone following divorce is more expensive than living together while married. Divorce court can be a huge expense. These, and a host of other factors, make divorce a financially-taxing process.

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Divorce Attorneys Are Ready to Help

If you are headed toward divorce, it is important to start planning now for your financial future. The sooner you can develop a plan for dealing with your finances and debts during and after divorce, the better off you are likely to be.

Our law firm can explain the many financial facets of divorce, from tax implications to how retirement funds will be managed. We are prepared to answer clients’ questions about everything from division of assets to child support.

Unique concerns may arise in a high net worth divorce. We work with CPAs, forensic accountants, and business and home appraisers in protecting our client’s interests and rights in high-asset divorce cases.

Managing Debt

The sooner you can develop a plan of action for dealing with your debt, the better. Debt problems only get worse with time and no action — not better. Contact our office to schedule a consultation where we can discuss a plan of action. Besides providing you with legal advice regarding divorce and your finances, we can connect you with experts in a variety of areas to help you explore your full scope of options.

  • Consider a short sale — Short selling your home may be your best option if you want to avoid foreclosure.
  • Consider bankruptcy — We can help you determine if bankruptcy is worth considering, given your financial situation.
  • Talk to a divorce lawyer — We can explain additional ways of managing debt when divorce is imminent.

If you have questions about the financial effects of divorce and your legal options, contact our San Diego law firm. Mention our website when you call to receive a discounted rate on your first meeting.

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