Determining child custody after a relationship ends

When two people are in a relationship, it can take some time for the individuals to understand one another. Learning how to work together is an essential step toward a successful and long-lasting partnership, and it is extremely important if the couple decides to have children later. The parents can draw from each other’s strengths to help provide the child with a stable and nurturing environment.

When these relationships start to fall apart, the parents will need to determine how they will continue to raise the child together. They may discuss parenting time and child custody agreements that give each parent access to the child. In most cases, the child will reside with one of the parents, while the other may have time with the child on nights and weekends.

The parents will also need to address how major decisions will be handled. This can be an issue that causes a lot of problems for the parents, and if this is not resolved, can lead to a lot of disagreements down the road. These types of decisions include where the child will go to school or the religion that the child will be raised in.

If these couples cannot work out an agreement, the custody will need to be decided by the courts. In California, the courts examine these situations using factors to determine what is in the child’s best interests. These factors can include the age of the child, the ties between the parent and the child and also each parent’s ability to provide for the child.

Each side will be allowed to present evidence to show that they should be awarded custody. Once the court makes a ruling, it must be honored by both parents. Failing to follow these orders could result in changes being made, which can limit the time that each may be able to spend with the child.

It is important for parents to remain an active part of their child’s life. Finding an agreement that works for each side can be difficult. This will often only increase the pressure and stress that parents will be feeling as they are going through this process.

Speaking to an experienced family law attorney can help those individuals who have child custody concerns. An attorney can help parents understand the factors that the courts will consider when they are trying to resolve these issues. This will allow these parents to have someone who is on their side, protecting their rights at this time.