Legitimate changes in circumstances occur periodically that require court orders to be modified. In the case of child custody, a modification may become necessary if one parent relocates for work, if one parent becomes unfit to provide child care, if a change in custody would benefit the child, or for other reasons.

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Reasons for Child Custody Modification

Family law courts may approve a child custody modification for these and other reasons:

  • If a parent relocates for a job
  • If a parent remarries
  • If a child’s educational needs change
  • If a child’s safety or well-being is threatened
  • If one parent develops substance abuse problems

Relocating With a Child: What the Court Considers

A family court judge will consider a number of factors in determining whether to modify a child custody decree to accommodate relocation. The court will consider the reason for relocation. Relocating for a job takes precedence over relocating due to a parent’s personal preferences to live in a certain geographic area.

Also considered is the relationship between the child and each parent, how those relationships will be affected, and how the move will impact the child’s life. Remember, the courts always consider what is in the child’s best interests — not the parents’.

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Do not leave the country illegally with your child without getting permission from the court. If you do so, you are seriously jeopardizing your chances of obtaining a court order to move with your child.

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