In the state of California, child custody and visitation rights are determined according to what the court believes is in the best interest of a child. In awarding custody, the court takes into account a number of factors including the income of both parents, their work history, health, education, earning potential, criminal history, and relationship with their child.

At The Law Office of Lori Clark Viviano, we have more than 25 years of experience helping clients through difficult disputes over custody. In these cases, we believe it is important for children to be shielded as much as possible from contentious battles. We often attempt to resolve these issues through negotiation and mediation, which minimizes the conflict to which children and entire families are exposed. But, when a case does go to court, we strongly advocate on behalf of our client.

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Child Custody – Issues That Arise

Child custody disputes can arise in a variety of contexts. Our firm provides strong representation to clients facing disputes over:

  • Relocations/move-aways
  • Visitation disputes
  • Adoption challenges
  • Joint custody arrangements
  • Sole custody arrangements
  • Child custody and military divorces
  • Child custody and immigration issues

Positioning Your Child Custody Case

Even if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse get along now, disagreements over child custody could cause your amicable relationship to deteriorate. It is important to be prepared with information and documentation indicating your fitness as a parent. You should also be prepared for your ex to “air dirty laundry” in court in order to undermine your reputation and parenting ability.

Improving Your Case

If your divorce is particularly contentious, the court may order an evaluation of the dynamics that exist within your family. These evaluations are conducted by independent experts. In other cases, the court will resolve custody issues based on documentation provided by each parent. In either situation, we can help you present a full, accurate picture of yourself as a parent. Evidence of your active role in your child’s life can be shown in many ways:

  • Did you coach your son’s baseball team?
  • Participate in your daughter’s Girl Scout events?
  • Did you regularly drive your child to school?
  • Did you stay at home with your children while your spouse worked?
  • Who planned the family vacations?

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