At The Law Office of Lori Clark Viviano, we have nearly 25 years of experience representing clients in child support cases in Carmel Valley and throughout San Diego County. We understand that adequate child support is critical to your child’s health and happiness following the end of the parents’ relationship. We work hard to ensure that children and parents are treated fairly in these matters.

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Child Support Issues in Carmel Valley

Our firm can guide you through all aspects of Carmel Valley family law, including any issues related to child support and paternity. Our familiarity with the California child support guidelines means that we can prepare you for what the eventual determination of support may be.

Although the amount of child support is calculated using the statutory guidelines, there are many factors that may be present in your particular case that could cause a deviation from the formula. Some of these possibilities include whether you have support obligations to children from a previous marriage or whether you have any health problems and whether you are unable to be employed.

As experienced Carmel Valley family law attorneys, we can advise you appropriately when you are seeking any deviation from the guidelines.

Child Support Modification in Carmel Valley

After the initial determination of support is made, circumstances in your life or your ex-spouse’s life may change. If the change is significant, it may be necessary to have the amount of support adjusted, either up or down. Some reasons for modification include:

  • A career change or job loss
  • A parent of child develops an unexpected medical problem
  • Relocating/moving away
  • Allegations of abuse, neglect, drug or alcohol use
  • Co-habitation or getting re-married

Child Support Enforcement in Carmel Valley

If the noncustodial parent stops making court-ordered child support payments, the custodial parent has the right to go to court for a hearing to ask the judge to enforce the order. Our firm represents parents seeking to enforce the order, as well as parents under an obligation to pay but who are having difficulty. We will do our best to work out an acceptable solution as efficiently as possible, and always with your child’s well-being in mind.

Free Case Evaluations for Child Support Modifications

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