Whether you are a married couple getting divorced or an unmarried couple with children facing the end of your relationship, the issue of child support must be resolved. California has guidelines that judges use to calculate the appropriate amount of support. An experienced lawyer can help you understand the guidelines and the amount you may be expected to pay or should expect to receive.

Speak to a Carlsbad Child Support Attorney

If you live in Carlsbad, Oceanside or any neighboring community, you should work with an attorney who is deeply familiar with the family court system in North County. At The Law Office of Lori Clark Viviano, we have nearly 25 years of experience representing clients in child support cases in North County. Our familiarity with the California child support guidelines allows us to present judges with the kind of information they want to see when they determine the amount of support in your case.

To arrange a consultation with a Carlsbad child support attorney, call (619) 817-8691 or toll free (866) 567-3520. You can also contact us online.

Child Support Services in Carlsbad

Our firm can guide you through all aspects of Carlsbad family law, including any issues related to child support. We provide skillful, strong representation to clients regarding:

  • Establishing or contesting paternity
  • Initial calculations of child support
  • Child support enforcement
  • Child support modifications to account for job loss, relocation or other changes in a parent’s circumstances

Because we know how the North County court system works, we are able to work within it effectively. Whether you are the parent responsible for paying support or you are the custodial parent entitled to receive the support, we will strongly advocate for the rights of you and your children.

Free Child Support Case Evaluations

We offer aggressive, strategic counsel to those involved in Carlsbad child support disputes. To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced lawyer, call (619) 817-8691 or toll free (866) 567-3520. You can also contact us online. Mention our website when you call to receive a discounted rate on your first meeting.

We accept credit cards. Evening hours are available upon request.

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