Child custody issues are commonly involved in North County divorces. The ability of your lawyer to achieve success in child support or visitation issues is largely dependent on knowledge of local expectations and procedures. Like all family law judges in California, Carlsbad judges decide custody arrangements based on the best interests of the child. To give the judge an accurate picture of you and how your child would be best served by being in your care, the help of an experienced attorney is invaluable.

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At The Law Office of Lori Clark Viviano, our Carlsbad child custody attorneys have deep knowledge of and firsthand experience in the North County family court system. We work hard to achieve child custody arrangements that meet the needs of your children and family. We know what the North County judge will expect and our child custody lawyers can prepare you for it. When you come to us, you will receive honest, straightforward advice based on our direct experience representing clients in and around Carlsbad and Oceanside.

To schedule a confidential initial consultation with a skilled, experienced Carlsbad child custody attorney, call (619) 817-8691 or toll free (866) 567-3520. You can also contact us online.

Child Custody Issues in Carlsbad

Our firm brings nearly 25 years of family law experience to bear in every child custody case we take. We skillfully handle issues regarding:

  • Initial determinations of custody and visitation rights
  • Child custody enforcement
  • Custody modifications
  • Parental relocations/move-aways
  • Custody concerns for same-sex couples
  • Paternity

As part of our thorough and comprehensive service, our Carlsbad child support attorney will seek to resolve the child support issues that often accompany custody and parenting-time determinations.

Factors Involved in Carlsbad Child Custody Determinations

In our experience, custody and visitation arrangements are based on a number of factors. We can help you present your case effectively, showing that you have an active role in your child’s life that needs to be maintained. Some things a judge will consider include:

  • The age of the children
  • Educational and health needs
  • Access to friends, family and school
  • Distance between the parents’ homes

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We offer aggressive, strategic counsel to those involved in the child custody disputes. To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Carlsbad child custody lawyer, call (619) 817-8691 or toll free (866) 567-3520. You can also contact us online. Mention our website when you call to receive a discounted rate on your first meeting.

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